An Overview of Moses Baskets

A moses basket or crib is the perfect first bed for your newborn baby. Usually made from wicker and resembling a traditional wicker basket, a moses basket provides a soft, comfortable and practical sleeping environment for your baby. Typically, there will be a curved canopy to provide shade and protect against harsh light, and handles on the side, should you want to carry the basket into a different room.

overview of Moses Baskets

There are numerous advantages of using a moses basket over a traditional cot bed and these are detailed below. We also provide an overview of moses basket stands that provide additional benefits. There are many types of moses baskets on sale in the UK, including boy moses baskets and girl moses baskets.

Benefits of Moses Baskets

If you are wondering about the advantages of moses baskets, there are a number of reasons why the product is ideal for newborns. Suitable for the first few months after birth, moses baskets are a safe and comfortable choice for your baby. Some key advantages of moses baskets over traditional cots are:

● Easy positioning – A moses basket can be positioned next to your bed, so you can keep a close eye on your sleeping baby and have reassurance they are happy and safe. Traditional cots take up more space and cannot be easily repositioned. It is this flexibility that makes moses baskets so popular for newborns.

● Safe and comfortable – The wicker construction of moses baskets provides a soft and cosy sleeping environment for your baby. Some cots are made from solid wood, which is a harsher material. Most moses baskets come fully kitted-out with a breathable baby mattress and comfortable bedding.

● Convenient to carry – The majority of moses baskets have handles that allow you to pick up and carry the basket around the home. This is ideal for carrying your sleeping baby without waking them. Being easy to carry also allows you to change your sleeping arrangements quickly and easily.

● Extras and add-ons – Some moses baskets can accept add-ons or come with additional unique features. One such example is a drape set, which provides greater protection against the light for your baby. Moses baskets can also be used in conjunction with a play/activity stand.

Moses Basket Stands

Many moses baskets come with a compatible basket stand, although it is possible to buy individual moses baskets in the UK with no accompanying stand. Having said that, most people opt for a stand because it provides greater convenience and flexibility. For example, with a rocking moses basket stand, the feet of the stand are designed with a slope, allowing you to gently rock your baby to sleep.

A foldable moses basket stand is easy to pack away if you have limited space. And wheelable moses basket stands are useful when moving the basket around the home.


This article has provided a brief overview of moses baskets on sale in the UK. If you are in the market for discounted moses baskets, there are many different types on sale, including moses baskets for boys and girls. Moses basket stands are also available and can be purchased with the basket as a set. With so many varieties available, you can be sure of finding the perfect moses basket for you.

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